LosAngeles Times The TasteLA by Night

Photo by Crystal Johnson- Multi Cultural Cooking Network

MCCN has been covering Los Angles Times Taste event for years and not one time had we ever attended the evening event portion…our mistake.  If you are looking for a party revolving around fine and innovative food then the The Taste Los Angeles is the event for you.  LA’s best restaurants were showing off with incredible fusions and traditional cultural cuisines.  On Saturday night there is definitely a block party atmosphere set on the Paramount lot completely with dj’s.   People were dressed to impressed and having a really good time.  Sunday night, the pace slows down but the flavors don’t.  Many attendees mentioned how they appreciate the being held during cooler temperatures.   Whether folks attends by day or night, they can enjoy culinary trip all set on Paramount’s Studio mock street scene.

Octopus tacos

Octopus Taco by Chichen Itza

Your tongue will travel around the world with a taste of Mexico,  Vietnam, Japan, American southern barbecue and more.  One of the impressive menu items was the Octopus Taco with Calamari ink served up by Chichen Itza.  Chaya served up King Crab with cauliflower and panna cotte. 9021Pho served a delicious curry chicken soup.

Five star dessert offerings came from the Ensaymayda Project,  B Sweet and Sprinkles.  Filipino Ensaymada is a soft, sweet bread smothered with a mixture of sugar and butter icing and generously topped with shredded cheese. What the Ensaymada Project offers in addition the classic ensaymada is a twist on cupcakes like Red Velvet.  The owner would describe it as,  moist brioche swirled with red goodness, slathered with a smooth frosting and finished off with red velvet cake crumbs creates a medley of textures. ”  See our interview with owner/culinary creator Charli Heredia-Reyes about the Green Tea Red Bean Ensaymada.  Then there is nothing more comfort food than bread pudding and B sweet brings fun and innovate spins to bread pudding with flavors such as Red Velvet, glazed donut and chocolate banana bread pudding.   B Sweet has a dessert bar, food trucks and bread pudding flavored ice creams sold in stores.  Sprinkles had many offering of their famous cupcakes.  MCCN staffers enjoyed the S’more cupcake with a chocolate cake topped with slightly roasted marshmallow.

The most interesting drink we had was the Veruca Salt which consisted of housemade celery drink, 209 Gin and a smoked sea salt lined rim of the glass imparting a unique twist to the flavor.