Getting to Know British Beauty Naomi Harris

Naomi Harris is a super star in the UK but her fame just hasn’t quite taken flight in the USA despite a leading role in hit 28 Days Later Her face is probably recognizable from Pirates of the Caribbean.  Maybe you saw her on the red carpet with Orlando Bloom when he was her beau.  One of the more exciting lead roles was in the hit British romantic comedy My Last Five Girlfriends.   She even played Money Penny in the Bond Films with Daniel Craig yet she is not a household name star in the USA.  Moonlight hopefully opens a door to change all that with an Oscar nom for best actress for Naomi Harris.

 Being a London native, one of the roles that must have made her jump up and down was being cast in the Bond film, Skyfall as the iconic role of Money Penny.  Although she is a native of London, the actress is of mixed Jamaican and Trinidadian heritage.