The Unique Style of Top Chef Katsuji Tanabe of MexiKosher and Barrio


Before, Chef Katsuji Tanabe made it big, MCCN met him at the Taste of Mexico Event in Los Angeles back in 2012.  Not only did he dazzle us but he dazzled everyone causing long lines with word of mouth.

Chef Tanabe, was born in Mexico to a Japanese father and Mexican mother.   If not being unique was not enough, he brought creativity to his cuisine mastering Kosher Mexican.   The charming and talented chef would eventually go on to win the bragging rights of Top Chef on the Bravo competition.

He’s closed the doors to his Los Angeles establishment and set up shop at 100 W. 83rd in Manhattan, NY.   He also helms a restaurant in Chicago called Barrio at the corner of Clark and Kenzie.

Let’s Flashback to our 2012 interview and check the chef’s Kosher tequila sorbet creation by way of liquid nitrogen technique.


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A Fry Bread Counter as A Main Attraction at ‘Top Chef’ Star Eric Adjepong’s First Public Restaurant in DC



Photo by Adedayo Kosoko – Fans of Eric Adjepong, the D.C.-based breakout star from Top Chef Kentucky, will soon get a chance to taste his West African-influenced cuisine without hiring him to compose a private dinner party.

Adjepong will open a fast-casual counter selling roti flatbreads and doubles — popular street snacks from Caribbean islands and South Asia made of fry bread and spiced chickpeas — this spring in Northeast D.C.’s Union Market food hall. On the Double marks the Ghanaian-American chef’s first solo project since debuting on Bravo’s popular cooking competition series in late 2018.  READ MORE

“Top Chef” Contestant Fatima Ali’s Cancer Returned, Opting to Savor Life.

Colorstream Media


Pakistaní Chef and Season 15 Top Chef contestant has reported bad news.  This is an incredibly sad report but the way Ali puts things into perspective, let it be a love letter to savor life:

Extra- Along with revealing that her cancer cells “are back with a vengeance,” Ali shared in an essay on Bon Appétit’s site on Tuesday, “My oncologist has told me that I have a year to live, with or without the new chemotherapy regimen. I was looking forward to being 30, flirty and thriving. Guess I have to step it up on the flirting. I have no time to lose.”. READ MORE

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Tips From Pat the Perfect Party Planner on Wedding Showers

It All Depends on the Party


(Top Chef Wedding Shower Photo)

What bridal shower food you serve will largely depend on the type of party you’re throwing and the time of day the party is being held.

If you’re throwing the bridal shower at a ritzy restaurant at dinnertime, of course dinner is going to be expected. However, if you’re throwing the party at your home in between lunch and dinner, finger foods should do just fine.

When Dinner Is Called For

If you are throwing a party and the time of day calls for dinner or lunch, chicken dishes are usually inexpensive and easy bridal shower food dishes to prepare. However, it’s always a good idea to give the guests a choice from at least two main courses.

Fun Finger Foods

If finger foods are enough to suffice, try mixing it up. Finger sandwiches are a given. Almost every bridal shower party that serves bridal shower food has finger sandwiches.

Try to liven it up by serving sushi or other exotic delicacies. The more unique the bridal shower food menu, the more memorable the party will be.


Cake is a must – there’s no two ways around it. However, try having a dessert table in addition to the bridal shower cake. Having an array of sweets in your bridal shower food lineup is sure to impress those with a sweet tooth.

No matter what bridal shower food you serve at your wedding, as long as there’s a variety of choices to suite everyone’s varying tastes, the menu should be a hit.