Tis the Season to Make Tamales

Mexican Tamales prepared Veronica Herrera and a team of volunteers.

Making tamales for Christmas Eve is as relevant to the Latin American culinary celebration as making turkey for the Thanksgiving in the United States. Even the Philippine partakes in the tradition.   Various countries do it different ways from wrapped in banana leaf to corn husk.  The flavors may be savory or sweet.  The fillings vary including chicken, beef, pork, chicken or cheese but what stays the sames is masa as a key ingredient of the filling.  The process includes steaming the tamales once wrapped.   Some cultures use a steamer pot while other do not.

We’ve covered many types of tamales on multiculturalcookingnetwork.com.  MCCN’s Crystal Johnson and Veronica Herrera came together to make Mexican tamales for a Nicaragua Medical Missions fundraiser one week before Christmas. They made 500 hundred tamales.  Watch Video

MCCN Editor pushes Masa Cart

MCCN Editor pushes Masa Cart

Veronica is an incredible cook and leader in the kitchen

Veronica Herrera steams the tamales.