Super Bowl winning football player Troy Polamalu
Super Bowl winning football player Troy Polamalu (


This Saturday, the NFL playoffs will separate the boys from the men, the chumps from the champions and the players from played. It’s going to be all out war out there and one of the generals representing his army will be Pittsburgh Steeler safety Troy Polamalu.


The Samoan athlete proudly sports his locks on the field.

When Polamalu is on the field, it’s impossible to miss, not only because of his long lovely locks (insured by sponsor Head and Shoulders through Lloyds of London), but because this Samoan  athlete is as fast and unpredictable as a cheetah in pursuit of its prey. Evidenced by many a quarterback, Polamalu cannot be left unchecked. Everybody is looking to stop this dangerous defensive back.

Though born in California, Polamalu is extremely proud of his Samoan heritage and he displays this on the field emulating a Samoan warrior. His hair is not the only thing that emulates his roots – his moves and the philosophy in which he approaches the game are also a product of his Samoan background. In an interview with 60 minutes, Polamalu explains how the Samoan warrior mentality is displayed on the football field, saying, “It’s a voice for our Samoan heritage and not in interviews…it’s in how we hit people and how we run and how we carry ourselves on the football field.  That warrior mentality is a warrior action on the football field.”

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