Las Vegas: Review of Greens and Protiens Healthy Kitchen

Greens and Protiens

I like healthy food but sometimes that thought is not like a love a first sight experience.  Though I was open minded when my friend the health nut pulled into to the driveway of restaurant, I still thought to myself, “It figures.”  However, what I didn’t figure or expect was such a interesting array of choices on the menu.

Kevin ordering

Go to their website and Greens and Protiens with boast of being  a modern, family friendly café offering all your favorite foods with a healthy twist. Sandwiches/Wraps, Pizzas, Burgers, Vegan, Raw and Vegetarian-Friendly meals, Smoothies/Juice Bar, and a full HCG diet menu.  Now the smoothies are kind of expensive but they pack them various ingredients.

Homemade turkey sausage, egg white and tofu fries.

Homemade turkey sausage, egg white and tofu fries.

I ordered the homemade turkey meatballs with egg whites and tofus fries.  It was great.  The sausage tasted light not heavy.  The egg whites perfectly fluffy.  And the tofu fries were the unexpected star with a hint of spice.    Look for light protiens like Bison and ostrich on the menu.   My friend order the cashew chicken salad which is mock chicken salad in a butter lettuce leaf cup topped with Alfafa sprouts and tomatoes and side of divine raw cashew cheese.

Cashew chicken salad

Cashew chicken salad

You won’t find this restaurant on the strip.  It is more of a spot for fit and health conscience locals.

Where: 8975 S Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89123

Telephone: (702) 541-780

Serendipity 3 Restaurants in NYC and Vegas

It’s been around since the 50’s.  The location in New York is known for the famous frozen hot chocolate made even more famous by movie Serendipity starring Jon Cusak.

Other menu items include hamburgers, casseroles, crepes, omlettes, desserts, salads and more.  The menu is full of comfort foods with different cultural influences which have become a part of the American culinary landscape.

Serendipity 3 is located in Manhattan.

Click Here to See Website Menu

Las Vegas, Nevada

Expect the pleasantly unexpected at Serendipity 3 Las Vegas, a casual dining experience worth biting into. Fun and funky is the name of the game at this Caesars Palace Las Vegas restaurant that serves up everything but the ordinary. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and then some – this all-in-one Las Vegas casual dining and drinking destination is known for unique takes on familiar dishes like the colossal dinosaur-sized BBQ Ribs, Monster Meatballs and Spaghetti, Triple Decker Grilled Cheese Sandwich and hundreds of other items, made fresh in their open kitchen daily.