Fine Wine and Dr. King

Three men from different backgrounds and strongly differing beliefs met totally by chance on a rainy evening in Atlanta. While sipping fine wine the wide divide in their beliefs did not disappear, but for a time, Jim Sander’s hospitality and a mutual enjoyment of the wine bound them together in pleasant conversation, and a little known but historic meeting passed into history.

Tamera Mowery Housely on Interracial Marriage.

The late Michael Jackson said it best, “It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white.”  However, getting a point of view from a bi-racial woman of both African American and English Caucasian descent with a twin sister married to an African American male things get very interesting.  Tamera Mowery Housely is one half of the famous sisters who grew up on televison.  Two years ago she married Fox News correspondent Adam Housely.  The two had been together off and on for about five years. got an opportunity to ask Mrs. Housely about interracial dating.

Do you have any advice for women considering dating outside of their race who may be apprehensive about it?
TAMERA: Well, I always find these questions so interesting, because I’m a product of an interracial marriage — and I never really grew up seeing color. I honestly realized that my dad was White when someone told me in middle school. They’re like, “Oh your dad’s White?” I’m like, “Oh, my gosh, he really is White.” I knew what race was, but it didn’t matter to me. Yes we are an interracial couple. The thing is we do still deal with that. People always question that. If anything, it hurts, but we do have more people supporting us than making stupid comments. We kind of just ignore it and focus on the positive. Love is love and a lot of times people might be in the situation they’re in because they put barriers up. Like some people only want to date a model, or an actor, or an athlete. You’re only limiting yourself. Open up to what’s out there because God made us all.

Take a Look at back at the Wedding prep of Multi-Cultural Tamera Mowry to Adam Housely.  His family owns Century Oak Winery (Housley’s) so he wanted their love of wine included in the photo shoot:

Los Angeles Times: The Taste

From Rodeo Drive to The Studios at Paramount to Downtown L.A., The Taste is a four-day food and wine extravaganza, celebrating all things epicurean. This unprecedented event will showcase a star-studded cast of celebrity chefs at nine signature events over Labor Day weekend.

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European Mulled Wine Recipe


mulled wine.jpg

Mulled wine, (Gluhwein), is a popular Christmas drink in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. It contains red wine, fruit, cloves and cinnamon and is served hot by street vendors at Christmas Fairs, (Weihnachtmarkt). It is also sold during the ski season on the slopes of many European resorts. 

Mulled Wine Recipe


2 bottles of medium-bodied red wine
1 cup sugar and more to taste
6 cinnamon sticks
15 cloves
grated nutmeg
2 oranges


Push the cloves into the skin of the oranges, then cut the oranges in half. Pour the wine into a large stainless steel or enamel saucepan and warm over a medium heat. Add the sugar, spices and clove studded oranges. Keep an eye on the wine and turn the heat to very low as soon as it gets close to simmering. You don’t want it to boil or it will lose its alcohol content! Taste for sugar and add more until it tastes right for you. Keep it steaming over a low heat for an hour or so to allow the spices to infuse. Ladle it into glasses or mugs and breathe in the spicy aroma.

Other things you can add to mulled wine:

Star anise, bay leaves, mace, ginger, cardamom, lemon, lime, brandy.

A Wine Match for Oven Roasted Pork Chops with Sage

I have a been a subscriber to the 30 second wine advisor for at least 7 years. They use to evaluate wines under $10 and of good quality.  Well the economy has changed but the 30 Wine Advisor stills tries to find economical quality wines but under $20.   MCCN would like to spotlight their wine picks once or twice a month.- Crystal A. Johnson- MCCN Editor.

Bio-Weingut H.u.M. Hofer 2007 Weinviertel DAC Grüner Veltliner ($16.99)

Clear straw color. Fresh pears and apples, a bit on the fruity side for a GV, but that signature stony minerality is present in the finish. Dry and tart, just a touch of prickly carbonation on the tongue. Tart white fruit, “stony” minerality and a quick grind of white pepper in a long finish. Sealed with a sturdy metal screwcap to banish cork “taint” and preserve freshness. U.S. importer: Michael Skurnik Wines, Syosset, N.Y., A Terry Theise Estate Selection. (Dec. 6, 2009)

FOOD MATCH: Like most GV, this makes a versatile match with a range of fare. It went well with cheese and veggie pizzas on the first night; pan-seared, oven-roasted natural pork chops with sage a few nights later. With more than half the bottle remaining, under screwcap and refrigerated, it showed no perceptible deterioration over a four-day period.

Pasadena, CA: Pop Champagne and Dessert Bar

The 2009 Beaujolais Nouveau made its much-anticipated debut at a special wine tasting and dinner at Pop Champagne & Dessert Bar organized by the Alliance Française de Pasadena on Sunday, November 22 from 4:00 to 10:00 P.M.    Alliance director Fanchon, shares that the organization is very old and one of the first in the Southwest dating back to 1924.  The French school opened 15 years ago and is located across the street from the restaurant.  Fanchon describes the event as  “…just an excuse to have fun.”  If fun is what you are looking for then Pop Champagne and Dessert bar is the right place.  They have an extensive wine and champagne list to accompany your small plates. 


(Scallops Cordon Bleu)

My meals were from a prefix menu for the event.  Everything eaten except for the ice cream was paired with wine or champagne.   Chef Ray Velasquez is wonderful in balancing flavor and has a since of humor when it comes to food.  He told us that his mother always told him not to play with food.  Among his unique creations are scallops Cordon Bleu and popcorn ice cream.  Yes, popcorn ice cream is on the menu.  What does it tastes like?  It has the smooth flavor of kettle corn.   In the picture below give us a unique approach to serving poached pear on a tart.

Pop Champagne and Dessert provides a romantic and fun environment for an evening out.

Photos by Crystal Johnson

Review by Crystal Johnson Restaurant Critic, Los Angeles Examiner and the Valley Scene Magazine

Cotes du Rhone: A Wine Choice for Your Turkey Dinner

(photo credit:

Cotes du Rhone is right up there with the ideal choices for pairing with the myriad dishes that can and will be present at the Thanksgiving table.  Cotes du Rhones by nature are medium to light-bodied, elegant and fruity.

My top pick for a red Cotes du Rhone?  Chateau Mont-Redon. Period.  The wine’s appellation is from right near Tavel, a viticultural area known for its roses.  It sits on the right bank of the Rhone River.  Round, smooth stones comprise the ‘soil’ where the grapes are grown. (Grenache- 70%, Cinsault- 20%, Syrah- 10%)

The grapes for this wine are all hand-picked, providing the availability for creating wines of character and quality.  The climate is that of the Mediterananean, where humidity is dispersed by the Mistral wind.  With long, hot summers these conditions  provide an excellent climate for the vine’s cultivation.  The wine hails from one of France’s oldest wine producing estates.

Chateau Mont-Redon Cotes du Rhone ages well and show good tanninc structure.  “De-stemming at 100% followed by a maceration of 15 to 18 days which allows our Côtes-du-Rhônes’ to get a good tannic structure which will make them able to age well. After the malolactic fermentation, the wines are kept in vats in our cellars for a period of 8 to 10 months. Then they are bottled and stay for some months in our cellars before being shipped.”

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Article written by Leslie Cramer