That’s Why I Run: Team World Vision- Clean Water for Children in Africa


Team World Vision Los Angeles Coordinator
I run…because learning about global poverty isn’t enough. In college, I minored in African Studies and chose Swahili as my foreign language, and while that raised my “awareness,” learning about East Africa will never save a single life if it doesn’t pay off in action. I have never been in want for water a single day in my life. Kids in Kenya are dying of diarrhea — one child every 15 seconds dies from a water-related illness. What good is the Gospel if, having received it, I never act? Team World Vision is my opportunity to help save lives in Africa. That’s why I run.

Posted by MCCN Editor walking for Clean water.

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Haiti Earthquake

Our hearts go out to the Haitian Community, those with love ones and friends in Haiti.  We sincerely hope that nothing more serious occurs.  The earthquake could be felt in the Dominican Republic which shares the same island with Haiti but with no severity.-Crystal Johnson, MCCN Editor 

This Statement from the Associated Press:

The largest earthquake ever recorded in the area shook Haiti on Tuesday, collapsing a hospital where people screamed for help. Other buildings also were damaged and scientists said they expected “substantial damage and casualties.

Several reports are already in that Haitian Celebrity Wyclef Jean is already organizing relief efforts.   According Jam Showbiz Music, Former Fugees star Wyclef Jean is asking friends and fans to pray for the people of his native Haiti after the island was hit by three major earthquakes on Tuesday.

Pras Michel Speaks on Earthquake in Haiti

World Vision Relief Donations for Haiti: