Film and Foodie Review: Logan


The more I think about it, the more I really like Logan.  I am a fan of X-Men movies.  I can’t admit to being a Comic Book geek but I have become a geek of the Super Hero genre over the years.   I listen to the proud nerds of all things comics and I know the word is Logan is the best thing since ice cream.

For me, I enjoyed the film.  Especially, the person to pay attention to is the little girl playing X23.   I know, I didn’t say spoiler alert but no one going to see Logan that is a fan doesn’t recognize that Dafne Keen is X23.   She is so expressive without words.


As for Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman, it is definitely different to see them as heroes at the end of their lives with fading powers or loosing the ability to control their powers.   Logan is a violent, poetic and some how quiet movie.  It has a sadness in tone.  Wolverine isn’t what is he used to be on some level. His character exhibits the epitome of the man’s man tough guy yet you know there is a battle of emotions and good guy pushed down inside.

Stephen Merchant, writer/producer of the British series, The Office stars as Caliban.  Also look for Eric LaSalle to appear in the film.

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Food Suggestion: Something bloody rare like a burger or steak.