Chocolate Banana Pudding Recipe

Recipe creation of Crystal A. Johnson, Editor©

Forgive me Patsy Mae(Mom), my first experience with Banana Pudding I did not like.  Yuck, to put it mildly.  I am not a fan of texture of bananas.  I will refrain sharing my thoughts on bananas but this recipe is for the banana lover.  A friend of mine would bring her very sweet banana pudding to my annual Christmas party every year.  It was always the biggest hit.  The secret ingredients of it success kept under lock and key until her family member let her not it was not so secret then she shared the secret of this sweet pudding.

As restaurant critic, I am privy to some pretty innovative takes on comfort food these days so I thought I would take some liberties with the southern American classic dessert by entering chocolate into the equation.  Hold on choco-holics.  We are talking chocolate fudge and chocolate covered pretzels.


  • 2 cups of chocolate pretzel rounds
  • 1 large Box of Banana Pudding or 2 small boxes
  • 3 to 4 Bananas
  • 1 can of condensed milk
  • 2 8oz containers of whip cream or do a homemade equivalent
  • Chocolate Fudge syrup


You can follow the box directions for a few deviations.  If you love the classic vanilla wafer then don’t let me stand in the way.  Layer bottom of glass sheet pan or bowl with whole chocolate covered preztels.  Then layer sliced banana to your liking.    Add  to your pudding mix about two or three splashes of condensed milk.  Then pour Chocolate fudge syrup over the very top of the pudding mixture.    Crumbled two handfuls of chocolate covered pretzel and place in sandwich bag.  Seal then use a rolling pin to crumble.  Pour crumble pretzels on top.   Enjoy.


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